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A blocked drain pipe can happen to anyone, not only to those who try to flush large items down the toilet or sink. There are all kinds of things that can build up over time (often just hair), or damage pipes (like tree roots) and suddenly you’ve got water or worst sewerage overflowing everywhere. Our team have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get your drain unclogged in no time! Give our friendly team a call now for prompt service on 1300 225 662.

Blocked Drains Can Be Dangerous

It’s never pleasant to have a blocked toilet, but some blocked drains can be even more unpleasant if they cause backflow — you could have sewerage coming up in multiple places. Over time a tree root may break and block a pipe leaving your waste water nowhere to go but back out of the drain and into your home! It can all happen so quickly too. You should always call an experienced plumber at the first sign of any blockage, as this could save you a lot of stress and money in the long run. We can fix your blocked drains and prevent them happening again and are just a phone call away.

Our Experienced Plumbers Use a Range of Expert Techniques to Successfully Unblock Any Drain

Our plumbing technicians have all the tools and skill required to get your drains back to functioning as they should. A few of the tools and techniques we regularly make use of include:

Hydro Powered Jet Blasters

Jet blasters use high pressurised water to force out junk through your pipes where other methods fail. Jet blasters can travel up to 60 metres through your pipes and force almost anything from grime to tree roots out.

Drain Cameras

We don’t notice our plumbing until something goes wrong. When it comes to blocked drains, we want to find the root of the cause, and our CCTV drain cameras can do just that! Whether it’s a tree stump or toilet paper, cracked pipe or kids’ toy, we’ll feed the camera down the pipe and locate where the issue is. Want to see it for yourself? Just ask us for a copy of the footage.

Electric Eels

They’ve been around a long time, but the electric eel tool still comes in handy for us almost every day. Able to clear a whole range of blockages, the electric eel is a tool that we couldn’t do without! It’s not something everyone can use, but our team have the experience to use this tool fast, efficiently and safely.

Chemical Treatment

For some blockages, the safest and easiest way to unblock the drain is with a chemical treatment. Our team have a range of chemical treatments suited to a whole lot of different blockages. We often use a chemical treatment first and then finish the clean-up with a jet blaster.

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